A .NET wrapper for the Zencoder API written in C# using RestSharp.
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.NET Zencoder Wrapper

A .NET wrapper for the Zencoder API written in C# using RestSharp.


Zencoder has a really nice API builder on their website and tools like John Sheehan's RestSharp make calling web services from .NET easier then ever. But why not take it a step further and get it down to one line of code to submit an encoding job? That's what this ZencoderWrapper was built to do.

But there are already C# Wrappers for Zencoder

Yes! There are! And this one by Chad Burggraf is particularly excellent and you should check it out! https://github.com/ChadBurggraf/zencoder-cs

I didn't find Chad's library until after writing my own. D'oh! No regrets, I learned some new things.

I may end up using his library over my own for the asynchronous support. Part of it will depend on if Chad's library can compile with Mono since the personal project I want to build will ultimately be running on OSX. I'm not sure if my library will compile in Mono "as-is", but I believe RestSharp will and I don't think I used anything special beyond what's contained in RestSharp.


One liner transcode:

JobResponse job = new ZencoderClient(API_KEY).SubmitJob("http://cdeutsch.com/input.avi", "ftp://ftpuser:p4ssw0rd@cdeutsch.com/videos/", "output.mp4");

You'll need to create an account on Zencoder to use the service. And if you want to encode more then 5 seconds of video you'll need to pick a payment option. You can alternatively use the ZencoderWrapper to create your account:

CreateAccountRequest account = new CreateAccountRequest("youremail@test.com", "password123");

Here's a more advanced example of creating an Ogg Vorbis file with thumbnails and notifications:

ZencoderClient client = new ZencoderClient(API_KEY);
JobRequest jobRequest = new JobRequest("http://cdeutsch.com/input.avi", new OutputSetting("ftp://ftpuser:p4ssw0rd@cdeutsch.com/videos/", "output.ogg"));
//configure output settings.
jobRequest.outputs[0].audio_codec = AudioCodecSetting.Vorbis;
jobRequest.outputs[0].video_codec = VideoCodecSetting.Theora;
//add a notification.
jobRequest.outputs[0].NotificationSettings = new List<NotificationSetting>();
jobRequest.outputs[0].NotificationSettings.Add(new NotificationSetting(NotificationType.Email, "youremail@test.com"));
//create thumbnails
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails = new ThumbnailSetting();
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.base_url = "ftp://ftpuser:p4ssw0rd@cdeutsch.com/thumbs/";
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.format = ThumbnailFormatSetting.PNG;
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.interval = 5;
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.number = 3;
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.prefix = "thumb_";
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.size = "120x80";
jobRequest.outputs[0].thumbnails.start_at_first_frame = true;
//submit the job
JobResponse job = client.SubmitJob(jobRequest);

Here's how to check the status of the job we just created:

//get job details.
JobListingResponse job = client.GetJob(job.id);

Here's how to check to the status of the job's output file (there can be multiple outputs):

//get progress of first (in this case only) output file.
JobOutputProgressResponse progress = client.GetJobOutputProgress(job.outputs[0].id);

And finally here's how to get a list of all of your jobs:

//get list of jobs  
List<JobListingResponse> jobList = client.ListJobs();  



  • Merge from craigkitterman: Added support for S3 bucket HTTP headers in OutputSettings.


  • Fixed bug with frame rate needing to be a decimal.
  • Updated Thumbmail class to support new return values.
  • Updated to rethrow RestSharp errors.