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A terminal style to make your Terminal look like Tron Legacy.
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Latest commit c5b5d44 @cdevroe Updated the Terminal settings to look for the proper font (thanks Rob…
…in Willis). Also updated the README with notes on how to get the proper font.


Terminal style from Tron Legacy
Version 0.2
by: Colin Devroe

Since seeing Tron Legacy I've been sort of obsessed with the style of the UI on Flynn's computer. So, I thought, why not try to make my Terminal look as close to that as I can?

Tron Legacy UI:
My Terminal:

The Font
Thanks to Robin Willis (@robincwillis on Twitter) for notifying me [1] that the font used in Tron Legacy was Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, which you can get here [2].


Side note: It'd be great if the iPad's UI was theme-able and someone with considerable skills made a Tron Legacy UI but that isn't the world we live in. So, I'm stuck with this.
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