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The Pipeline: All things CD & DevOps Podcast by The CD Foundation

CDF Podcast Program Guidelines


The goal of the podcast program is to offer developers digital content that is – educational, fun, digestible, technical, and industry focused. This will be a 30 - 60 minute long discussion with hackers, thought leaders & innovators of open source software about CI/CD emerging practices, industry trends, tips, and important/hot topics. This will be published on a weekly cadence.

What is the CDF’s podcast about?

  • Emerging & best practices in the open source software space, specifically in the CD and DevOps industry
  • Updates on the CDF’s open source graduated & incubating projects: Screwdriver, Spinnaker, Jenkins, JenkinsX, & Tekton
  • Interview industry experts, leaders, and innovators about industry trends, hot topics, emerging practices, best practices, and other insights

Podcast Calendar

  • The podcast calendar is available for a 60 rolling day period. To choose a podcast date, go to the podcast calendar to view the available recording dates. Choose your preferred date. You will receive a calendar invite automatically via Calendly. The calendar invite will be updated with the company / project name, which confirms your podcast. When it gets closer to the podcast date, an email is sent confirming the podcast date is still good for you and outlines the next steps.

How to pick a topic

  • The purpose of the podcasts is to educate the community and align your business with important thought-leadership topics.
  • The audience is interested in technical demos that help them solve problems and want to be able to ask your expert questions.
  • Our audience spans from developers, architects, CIOs, and CTOs. Topics should be tailored for which of those audiences you're trying to target.
  • We are emphasizing SEO optimization this year to drive more registrations and views after the fact, so please take some extra time to make sure your abstract is highlighting important keywords. We'll be making suggestions as well.

Podcast Checklist

1 week beforehand (social media promotion):

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Speaker Name
  • Headshot
  • Title
  • Company
  • Bio
  • Email addresses for all speakers / panelists

2 days beforehand:

  • Interview questions
  • Summary of your episode
  • Email your materials to podcast editor

Podcast Promotion & Prep Details

  • Upon receipt of the abstract and the podcast recording request date submitter will receive an automated email from Calendly with zoom link.
  • CDF promotes podcast episodes via email, CDF monthly newsletter, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Our most successful podcasts are when the presenting company helps promote in addition to CDF promotion. We are often able to double our attendance in these cases.

Podcast: Episode Outline & Speaking Points

1 week prior to your podcast episode recording send your episode outline and speaking points to the podcast editor. All presentations must be reviewed prior to the podcast recording date.

Podcast: Day-Of Details

  • Soundcheck: 5 mins at the beginning of the meeting
  • Recording Podcast: Monday 9am-11am PT and Tuesday 1pm-3pm PT
  • Podcast Platform: Buzzsprout

Podcast Episode Breakdown

Episode Outline Length Assignee
Podcast Intro: Title & Episode 30 seconds Pre-recorded
Episode Intro: Topic & Guest Speaker 30 seconds Host
Segment: My DevOps Journey 1 min - 5 min Host & Guest Speaker
Episode Topic & Interview 15 min - 24 min Host & Guest Speaker
Podcast Wrap Up: Sign off 30 seconds Pre-recorded



  • Recordings will be held twice per week on Monday & Tuesday. Refer to the public calendar & calendly link to schedule your podcast recording.

Launch date

  • April 27, 2020

Podcast awareness & promotion (GTM plan):

  • Newsletter
  • Twitter & LinkedIn Campaign
  • Weekly email campaign joint w/webinar summary

Measure success & engagement of program:

  • Downloads
  • Page visits on the podcast landing page on the website


The Pipeline: All things CD & DevOps playbook


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