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CDG Home: Custom Home / New Tab Page Featuring:

• Stock Ticker
• Clock & Date
• Notepad
• Calendar
• Custom Timer (Coming Soon)
• Current Weather & Location
• Gmail Inbox Integration
• Spotify Integration / Controller
• Live Customizable News
• Day & Night Modes
• Custom Background Images
• Extensive Settings With Changeable Units, Formats & Options
• Beautiful Scaleable UI





• Web Server with PHP 5+
• MySQL Database with MySQL Event Scheduler enabled.
• Open Weather API Key.
• Google reCAPTCHA Invisible API Key.
• Google Cloud Gmail Client ID.

Install Guide

  1. Clone or download the CDG Home repository to a php capable server.
  2. Create a MySQL database and run the db.sql file to create table.
  3. Configure the /classes/phpmailer/mail.php with your phpmailer, smtp, or pop3 settings.
  4. Configure the /includes/config-example.php file with your timezone, MySQL database, absolute application address, email address, and password reset email details.
  5. Rename config-example.php to config.php.

Note: Timezone must be set correctly in config.php for gmail to function.

How-To: Setup Gmail API

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new project and enable the Gmail API in the API Library
  3. On the Gmail API Page, create credentials for: OAuth Client ID -> Web Application
  4. Name your credentials and set the Javascript origin to your domain.
  5. Add two Javascript callbacks:
        a. http://[YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/INSTALLATION-PATH]/auth.php
        b. http://[YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/INSTALLATION-PATH]/qauth.php
  6. Create OAuth Consent Screen. You may need to verify your consent screen to remove security warnings.
  7. Copy ClientID to the config.php file.

How-To: Setup reCAPTCHA API

  1. Go to
  2. Select reCAPTCHA v2 -> Invisible reCAPTCHA badge, add your domain, accept terms and register.
  3. Copy SITE KEY to the config.php file.

How-To: Setup OpenWeatherMap API

  1. Create an account at, verify email and login.
  2. Go to and subscribe to the Free plan.
  3. Copy API Key from to config.php.