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For this two-day project, your team will build a question and answer platform, similar to Stack Overflow in format, although you can theme it however you like. After a few days, your application will allow people to ask questions, receive answers, and mark an answer as valid. This application should have a front end.

The application should be styled with Bootstrap or another css framework.

On the first day, your application should:

  • Allow a user to create a question.
    • That question should allow for several paragraphs of formattable text. Allow your users to use Markdown for authoring questions. Redcarpet is a good gem for rendering Markdown as HTML. This blog post may help as well.
  • Allow questions to have answers.
  • Allow unauthenticated users to view questions and answers.
  • Have registration and login.
  • Every question and every answer should be associated with a user.
  • Allow an authenticated user to create a question or answer an existing question.
  • A user should be able to view all their questions on a user profile page.
    • Questions cannot be edited once they have been asked (note: allowing editing of unanswered questions is listed below as an extra challenge).
    • A question can be deleted by its author, whether answered or unanswered. If it is deleted, all associated answers should also be deleted.

On the second day, your application should:

  • Send an email to a user when someone posts an answer to a question.
  • Paginate the index of questions with Kaminari.
  • Allow a user to upload a profile photo.
  • Allow the original author of the question to mark an answer as accepted.

Extra features and challenges

  • Use AJAX to update the page when a user submits an answer to a question.
  • Allow an unanswered question to be edited.
  • Allow the author of an answer to delete or edit that answer.
  • Allow a user to change their password via a link from the user profile page.
  • Deploy to Heroku. Note that this will require a bit more work to allow uploads and emails.
    • You'll need to configure a storage backend like Amazon S3 in order to upload files.
    • To send email from your production app you'll need an add-on for Heroku (e.g. SendGrid, MailGun, or SparkPost).
  • Send an email to a user to reset their password if they have forgotten it, and allow them to reset it.
  • What else would make this application better? 🤔


A Stack Overflow clone complete with API using Rails and Bootstrap



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