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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="custom-data">
This ruleset checks the CDK sources for bad code.
<!-- In the below paths, rulesets/ refers to the classpath, and the
pmd/ refers to this directory, and needs to be excluded because
they are called from ../pmd.xml -->
<!-- The rule sets that come with PMD -->
<rule ref="rulesets/basic.xml"/>
<rule ref="pmd/customNaming.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/unusedcode.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/imports.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/strings.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/codesize.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/strictexception.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/clone.xml"/>
<!-- Rules specific for CDK -->
<rule ref="pmd/customCDK-data.xml"/>
<rule ref="pmd/cdkinterfaces.xml"/>
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