1.5.10 Release Notes

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  • Much faster mass to formula calculation
  • Release available on Maven central

Test status

21,564 (+42) tests
28     (+1) failures
0      (+0) errors


    11	John May
     5	Tomas Pluskal
     2	Egon Willighagen


   7  John May 

Change log

  • Removed non-central repositories. 5ee8b88
  • Bumping version ready for release. 8a88343
  • POM config for deploying to OSSRH snapshots repo and central. 367ff5d
  • Add project description. e0819d8
  • Move MassToFormulaTool to the cdk-legacy module. 53dd52f
  • Added Javadoc tags to MolecularFormulaGenerator 337d275
  • Added Pluskal2012 to CDK bibliography. 22779c5
  • Added MolecularFormulaGeneratorTest to MFormulaTests suit, removed the duplicated MoleculaFormulaRangeManipulatorTest entry 22444eb
  • Added a new MolecularFormulaGenerator 7c5ad91
  • Marking the MassToFormulaTool as deprecated. 5320177
  • Add github username. e09e98c
  • Additional details in POM. 5c3f45a
  • Centralise vecmath and jama versions in parent pom. Use versions available on central. a00440c
  • Remove groovy shell usage from test. a73add9
  • Fixes bug #1355: create a new builder from the passed IChemObject eb3d1d8
  • Unit test for bug #1355: a builder is not retrieved from the input IChemObject. c999e57
  • Minor correction to JavaDoc. 260a87e
  • Bumping version number, open for patches. 4cc4574
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