Upload a PNG of the current Sketch artboard to CloudApp with a single keystroke.
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Upload to CloudApp.sketchplugin



⚠️ Heads up: this project is no longer maintained. ⚠️

I suggest you use sketch-upload instead. Thanks for all the stars and support, guys - I just don't have time to maintain this (and no longer use CloudApp). 💛💛💛

A plugin to upload the current Sketch.app artboard to CloudApp with a keystroke.


  1. Grab the repository.
  2. Open up Sketch, and go to Plugins > Reveal Plugins Folder...
  3. Copy Upload to CloudApp.sketchplugin from the repository into the folder.

Now, hit ctrl + cmd + r when in Sketch, and voila - Cloud.app will upload your current artboard.


  1. Be sure you have Cloud.app open on your computer first! Otherwise, this won't work!
  2. Currently this only works with one artboard. Unfortunately, for some reason, there's no way to grab the active artboard in the Sketch plugin API, but I've gone ahead and contacted the team about it (hopefully they get back to me soon!). This has been fixed!