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CSAW Forensics 400 Question: Sharpturn
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#Sharpturn CSAW 2015 Forensics Writeup:

Material provided: A shelled out .git folder containing obj files and some direct header / master files.
Hint: git fsck - v

The aim of this challenge was to recreate files from a hash created by git and fix errors added into the code.

#Commands used:

  1. git fsck -v # Checks through the header / master and all object files to verify hashes and check for mismatches and corruptions.

  2. git hash-object || # Creates a hash of an object or a file. Useful to verify a file hasn't been changed.

  3. git cat-file -p # Derives the contents of a file created by git's internal structure.

    (Relevant document I used during the competition:

    #Content: After running git fsck -v and running through each file with git cat-file -p the contents are:

    1. Sharp.cpp (Several versions, 3 of them have sha mismatches, I.E. someone edited it)

    2. Makefile (Used to compile the code, I actually had to edit it to make sure everything worked.)

    3. Commit logs (Hints for the various challenges, I.E. don't let your calculator fool you, there's only two primes.)

    #Challenge Details and completion:
    After analyzing the structure and pulling out each file, I recreated the files in the directory and ran git hash-object on them. All but three matched up. (Three versions of the sharp.cpp program.) These files had each been introduced one error.

    Part2: Input 51337 -- Answer: Input 31337 (ELEET)

    Part 5: Find the primes of 270031727027 - Answer: Perform a digit flip on each individual number until the hash matched the original value. (Can be handled through a simple python script that I'll add in or show later.) cout << &lag Answer: cout << flag (Fairly straight forward. & symbol references an address. Lag wasn't defined. )

    After these fixes and a bit of shenanigans, the flag was derived by running the program and entering the correct answers to each question. I further optimized the program by directly entering values rather than waiting for stdin.

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