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A collection of barebones JS microlibraries for specific tasks
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JavaScript libraries are awesome. jQuery, Dojo, MooTools, YUI, et al. all have their place. Somethimes, though, you just need one or two pieces of functionality on a page or project. And that's what MinimalJS is for.


Quick Start

Copy files from /js/ into your web path, include them, use them

Custom Build

If you find that you need multiple functions on a page, you probably want to create a custom build (and ask yourself if you should be using a real library.) MinimalJS uses Sprockets as an internal build system, making it simple do so yourself.

  1. Create your file, specifying the modules you wish to use with require directives.

    //= require <cookie>
    //= require <modal>
  2. Add whatever other javascript you want to your file

  3. Run sprocketize

    sprocketize -I lib/ myfile_template.js &gt; myfile.js

Code Standards

All modules provide methods to a global library object. In the default build, this is called mjs. If you are building your own, this can be changed in lib/constants.yml.

Within a module, all variables are contained in an anonymous closure.

All code should generally not make JSLint sad, assuming:

/*jslint browser: true */
/*global mjs: true, window */
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