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Deplot is a lightweight and very extensible static web site generator written in ruby
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Deplot is a static web site generator with a ruby DSL.


Deplot is intended to simplify the progress of creating and maintaining a static web site. Its main advantages are:

  • Separating content from markup with layout (template) files
  • Independency from specific markup languages by using tilt in both layout and content files
  • Simplifying the design/development workflow with a pre-built Guardfile that allows guard to recompile any asset or the whole project if a source file changes.
  • Easy deployment with a folder structure ready for git-ftp

Installation and usage

Install the deplot gem via gem install deplot. Or build it directly from the sources with gem build deplot.gemspec; gem install deplot-0.0.x.gem in the cloned repo. For both gem install commands, admin rights may be required.

If the deplot gem is installed, calling deplot new <project_name> will create a project directory with all the files and directories needed to get a new site started. You can also use an existing skeleton with deplot new <project_name> <git_url>, which will clone the specified git repo. Deplot's built upon a custom DSL that's used to describe your site's pages (in the Deplotfile):

path "/" do
    render "index.markdown"

You can create multiple pages from multiple source files with render_all (the # is replaced by the file name with .html extension):

path "/blog/#" do # will create /blog/<file_name>.html
    render_all "blog/"

or create an index file from multiple sources:

path "/blog/" do # will create /blog/index.html
    render_all "blog/"

Deplot uses tilt to render the source and layout file/s, so it can be used with almost every markup language and template engine.

Assets like LESS, SASS or CoffeeScript files are compiled by guard, which will also call deplot if any content or layout changes. Take a look at the default Guardfile, which has usable default settings. Or just run guard and press enter to compile everything.

Since all files are compiled into the root directory of the project, you can deploy your site with git-ftp - the project's page has details on how to deploy a git repo with git-ftp.


To use the latest version, you will need to manually build and install the gem. A gem build deplot.gemspec; sudo gem install deplot-0.0.x.x.gem in the cloned repo will suffice.


See LICENSE file.

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