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Pull request template for new library

Pull request for issue: # Related issue(s): # #

Checklist for Pull request or lib adding request issue follows the conventions.

Note that if you are using a distribution purpose repository/package, please also provide the url and other related info like popularity of the source code repo/package.

Profile of the lib

  • Git repository (required):
  • Official website (optional, not the repository):
  • NPM package url (optional):
  • License and its reference:
  • GitHub / Bitbucket popularity (required):
    • Count of watchers:
    • Count of stars:
    • Count of forks:
  • NPM download stats (optional):
    • Downloads in the last day:
    • Downloads in the last week:
    • Downloads in the last month:

Essential checklist

  • I'm the author of this library
    • I would like to add link to the page of this library on CDNJS on website / readme
  • This lib was not found on cdnjs repo
  • Doesn't already exist / has duplicate issue and PR
  • The lib has notable popularity
    • More than 200 [Stars / Watchers / Forks] on [GitHub / Bitbucket]
    • More than 800 downloads stats per month on npm registry
  • Project has public repository on famous online hosting platform (or been hosted on npm)

Auto-update checklist

  • Has valid tags for each versions (for git auto-update)
  • Auto-update setup
  • Auto-update target/source is valid.
  • Auto-update filemap is correct.

Git commit checklist

  • The first line of commit message is less then 50 chars; clean, clear and easy to understand.
  • The parent of the commit(s) in the PR is not older than 3 days.
  • Pull request is sent from a non-master branch with a meaningful name.
  • Separate unrelated changes into different commits.
  • Use rebase to squash/fixup dummy/unnecessary commits into only one commit.
  • Close corresponding issue in commit message
  • Mention related issue(s), people in commit message, comment.
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