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Currently, cdnjs's repo is too huge and some people have issues with using it when it is this big. To get around the issue or repo size you can use sparse-checkout. It lets you check out only the files you want, so that the whole directory in your computer won't need to be 65 GB, but only about 2.2 GB (you can make this even smaller with shallow pull too!)

Here are the steps:

1.Create/Initial a empty repo and enter it:

$ git init cdnjs && cd cdnjs

Initialized empty Git repository in /home/peter/cdnjs/.git/

2.Enable sparseCheckout:

$ git config core.sparseCheckout true

3.Set what you want to checkout only, write to .git/info/sparse-checkout, one line for one rule, for example, the jquery lib:

$ echo '/ajax/libs/jquery/*' >> .git/info/sparse-checkout

Here is an example of .git/info/sparse-checkout:

#/ajax/libs/*/package.json // for tools/createSparseCheckoutConfig.js

You can update your .git/info/sparse-checkout and then do git reset --hard to update the working directory to be the same as you configured.

4.Set your remote, for example:

$ git remote add origin git://

If you already cloned a cdnjs repo, this time, you can set a local path to speed up, for example:

$ git remote add origin ///home/peter/cdnjs.old

5.Pull things into your new repo with shallow pull, for example, set depth to 10:

$ git pull origin master --depth 10

It's all done, you will only have jquery lib now and other files won't be checked out. Let's take a look at the space it used:

$ du -d 1 -h

2.5M ./ajax

2.0G ./.git

2.1G .

The database behind git is only 587MB, and the whole repo is only 605MB, awesome!

What's the origin one?

$ du -d 1 -h

2.6G ./.git

16K ./documents

21M ./node_modules

21K ./hooks

63G ./ajax

36K ./test

16K ./build

65G .

The crazy 65 GB vs 2.1 GB ...

This tip can also avoid sortable/Sortable issue(#3650) in case-insensitive filesystem, especially Mac OS.

Hope you like it!

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