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search tool doesn't do a great job #2016

valtido opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I typed jQuery, I got everything apart from jQuery itself...

I think the search func should be looked a bit more closer.


Perhaps, whatever works, but yeah it could get more traction should it find what you are looking for...

I have seen where people split each character and use wild cards so e.g:

Search: user


I would like to see regex added so that I could find jQuery with "^jquery$"


I was able to shoehorn this in by pasting thing into the JS console:

# from
jQuery.expr[':'].regex = function(elem, index, match) {
    var matchParams = match[3].split(','),
        validLabels = /^(data|css):/,
        attr = {
            method: matchParams[0].match(validLabels) ? 
                        matchParams[0].split(':')[0] : 'attr',
            property: matchParams.shift().replace(validLabels,'')
        regexFlags = 'ig',
        regex = new RegExp(matchParams.join('').replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,''), regexFlags);
    return regex.test(jQuery(elem)[attr.method](;

Then I could search for the jQuery <tr> by [regex] name via:


The I could show only the one I wanted via:

jQuery("[data-library-name]").hide(); jQuery(':regex(data-library-name,^jquery$)').show()

Worked like a charm!

I'd like to propose that at a minimum, we change this:

# line#31/partial 
        (e("[data-library-name]").hide(), e('[data-library-name*="' + n + '"]').show(), e('[data-library-keywords*="' + n + '"]').show())


# line#31/partial 
        (e("[data-library-name]").hide(), e(':regex(data-library-name,' + n + ')').show(), e(':regex(data-library-keywords,' + n + ')').show())

Ideally, I'd like to add in the ability to search with "scope prefixes" similar to doing from:richard in Gmail. In this case that would be: name:jquery and keywords:testing and keyword:testing


Collating search-related issues: #1829


It might also be useful to weight on the string length as well. So searching on "jquer", jquery would be weighted higher than jquery-ui, which would be weighted higher than jquery-history.

The rationale is that "jquery" is a more exact match than "jquery-ui". They'd each come up, but the sort order would prefer "jquery".


This is fixed. I implemented search based on Damerau–Levenshtein distance and some other simple heuristics.

@jimothyGator This has the effect of weighting smaller library names higher as the edit distance is smaller between "jquer" and "jquery" than "jquery-validate".

@valtido A search for "jquery" will result in jquery being at the top now :)

@ryankirkman ryankirkman closed this

@ryankirkman - you are THE MAN. I did a search today for jquery and it finally appears at the top! This always bugged me!

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