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Save bits with shorter URLs. Instead of long URL like

//cdnjs .cloudflare .com/ ajax/libs/ ember-data-django-rest-adapter/0.13.1 /ember-data-django-rest-adapter .min.js



Another example, besides of





This would be a question for @ryankirkman or @thomasdavis

cdnjs member

That's a valid request, but somewhat negates the network effect of a CDN by fragmenting the base URL and thus reducing the probability of being cached.

At this point, I think it's in everyone's best interests to keep using the existing URLs.

Let me know what you think @laukstein


It is fine currently to keep the current files in paths they are and give the time till developers would change to new URLs. But speaking for future plans, it would be good to rethink it and to use advantages we could have. There are no reason to have long URLs, and on speaking about saving bits, shorten links would help there too.


As it stands, the URLs are staying as-is, and I am confident that as and when a revised schema is being devised comes about, the URL format will be discussed in more detail. To that end, I'll close this for now - it can be reopened as required. @laukstein - thank you for your input.

@petecooper petecooper closed this May 23, 2014
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