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[idea] Add latest link for scripts #987

AliMD opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Thank you for create this useful cdn
Do you agree with this idea
add latest (in file name) for last version or link without version
for example:

like google cdn

if you agree with this useful idea i will fork and change all links.


Hi @AliMD - thanks for the suggestion. This is a very popular request. At the moment, it's not really feasible to maintain all of these links manually even with your help as it would be easy to miss some.

What we're trying to do is figure out an automated way to do it that requires no manual maintenance.

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ok thanks
automated way is easy as use .htaccess + php or nodejs or even apache ssi (if you cant run php or node on CloudFlare) to redirect to the correct script.
do you can run server-side script on ?


I agree that being able to link to the latest version of a library would be a very useful feature... otherwise applications that want to use the latest version of a library are having to constantly update pointers...

As AliMD has pointed out, seems like this wouldn't be particularly difficult to achieve, technically.

One of my few complaints for a very useful cdn :)


I've referenced this issue in #360 as they are very closely connected. I will close this issue for now - it can be reopened if/when the latest script request becomes more feasible.

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