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Added jQuery Address 1.5 (and edge). #460

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ghost commented Oct 3, 2012

jQuery Address provides powerful deep linking capabilities and allows for the creation of unique virtual addresses that can point to a website section or an application state.

The versions introduced with the associated commits are the 1.5 version and the current development version, in both their compressed and uncompressed releases, which correspond to commits 4a2599a2c2 and 30680d43a6 in the original repository (

That being said, version 1.5 was obtained from the original repository as of 4a2599a2c2, and the edge version was obtained by cloning the repository as of 30680d43a6 and running the build script.

I have commited both versions separately since you may not want to include the edge version (though it is pretty stable).

Build Status

cdnjs member

@bmcustodio @ops99 Hi guys, thanks for the commit and feedback.

@bmcustodio Could you please submit a new pull request with just version 1.5?

The reason we don't accept edge versions is we have a policy of write once for the CDN - e.g. when a file is added to the CDN we'd like to be able to assume it will never change.

With edge versions, we can't guarantee them and thus we typically only accept official tags.

ghost commented Oct 17, 2012

@ryankirkman Sure. Will do in a minute.

@ghost Unknown referenced this pull request Oct 17, 2012

Added 'jQuery Address' 1.5. #496

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