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Welcome to the Apache Camel Grizzly Component Project


Apache Camel is a powerful Spring based Integration Framework.

Apache Camel can be used as a routing and mediation engine for the following network framework projects:

* Apache MINA
* Jboss Netty

But if you want to use the Glassfish Grizzly Framework your out of luck unless you write your own component. So, this project is here to solve that problem and provide a Grizzly Camel Component.

Build Instructions

I used Maven mostly for dependency management & package automation.

$ mvn clean package 


You can find the repository at:

Issues can be submitted at:

I'd really like to hear your feedback, and I'd love to receive your pull-requests!


  1. Too much to even list here at the moment.


Copyright (c) 2010 Chad Dollins. See LICENSE for details.

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