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Site Theme For

blog-posts: templates and actual posts for blog page
favicons: well....favicons :)
pages: page templates for each page on site
theme: is it all put together
Projects Used In this theme:

Base Template

Located in theme/CoryDowdy/base.html.twig

To use a Block in a child page (meaning: not in base.html.twig but in say about.html.twig) use the twig tag with the corresponding block.
{% block stylesheets %}

To keep what is included inside the base template block in a child template block use the twig tag
{{ parent() }}

{% block javascripts %}
  {{ parent() }}  
  <script src="your-script.js" async defer></script>  
{% endblock javascripts %}  

To use Enhance JS grab your global inlined styles and place them in the stylesheets block.

{% block stylesheets %}  

  {% block fout %}
    Flash of unstyled text styles go here.  
    Typekit is .wf-loading
  {% endblock fout %}
  <!-- check to see if the cookie from enhance js has been set.-->
  {% if app.request.cookies.has('fullcss') %}  
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ paths.theme}}css/app.min.css"/>
  {% else %}  
    {% block inlined_styles %}  
      No cookie set. use these inlined styles.
    {% endblock %}
  {% endif %}
{% endblock %}
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