dmenu frontend to MPD.
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cdown Manually sort entries before adding to playlist
mpd find/findadd sorts entries in order of entry in its database.
*Usually* this works out find since they are added in alphabetical order
at first, but if there is an `mpc update` with a partial copy, something
like this can happen:

    % mpc find artist 'Regina Spektor'
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/04 The Flowers.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/07 * * *.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/09 The Ghost of Corporate Future.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/10 Chemo Limo.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/01 Ode to Divorce.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/02 Poor Little Rich Boy.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/03 Carbon Monoxide.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/05 Us.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/06 Sailor Song.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/08 Your Honor.mp3
    Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch/11 Somedays.mp3

As such, we need to sort the list first.
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mpdmenu Manually sort entries before adding to playlist Jan 2, 2018

Simple dmenu frontend for MPD.


Pass mpdmenu arguments first, followed by any dmenu arguments. They are separated by ::. For example:

mpdmenu -p :: -sb '#000000'

-l is library mode (default), which descends artists and albums. -p is playlist mode, which selects a track from the current playlist.