A simple xinput toggler for X11 systems
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xinput-toggle is a simple script to toggle devices on and off for X11 systems. It was created to toggle Yubikey state, but it can deal with any X input device.


xinput-toggle -h contains detailed usage information.

I suggest you bind xinput-toggle to a keybinding in your window manager if you will use it a lot.

For these examples I will show this being used to enable/disable a Yubikey (-r is a case-insensitive regex used to identify devices by names, as shown by xinput list).

# Toggle device status (on -> off, off -> on)
xinput-toggle -r yubikey

# Show notification indicating actions performed
xinput-toggle -r yubikey -n

# Disable xinput (no toggle)
xinput-toggle -r yubikey -d

# Enable xinput (no toggle)
xinput-toggle -r yubikey -e

# Enable for 5 seconds, then disable again
xinput-toggle -r yubikey -e -t 5


  • xinput
  • bash 4+
  • notify-send (optional, for -n, provided with libnotify)