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ACCC CDR Register GitHub issue register for external collaboration
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Consultation rules of engagement

The ACCC intends to conduct public consultation on the CDR Register. Questions or comments that participants might ask us via email or private message are likely to be questions or comments other participants have as well. Our answers will be of interest to everyone. There are likely to be experiences and lessons everybody working in this ecosystem can learn from. Having these conversations transparently helps reduce duplication, resolve issues faster and keep everyone up to date with the conversation.

We ask that all contributors to the CDR Register GitHub comply with the GitHub Community Forum Code of Conduct.

In addition, it would be appreciated if the following rules are adhered to when commenting or contributing:

  • For transparency, if you work at or are associated with an organisation with an interest in the Consumer Data Right, please indicate this in your response.
  • Please ensure you are aware of and compliant with any social media guidelines or internal processes for response set by your organisation before providing feedback.
  • Feedback can also be submitted directly to the ACCC via email:

The ACCC will be actively monitoring and reviewing any comments/responses which are provided, however will not be responding to individual comments. Depending on the number of responses/comments we get, we will assess what the most efficient and effective way to engage with the community is, noting that we want this to be a collaborative effort.

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