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Deprecated: The workflow of developing from project-defined environments has been adopted for organizations in Coder Enterprise.

"Open Issues" MIT license AUR version Discord

sail is a universal workflow for reproducible, project-defined development environments.

Basically, it lets you open a repo in a VS Code window with a Docker-based backend.

With the browser extension, you can open a repo right from GitHub or GitLab, or you can do

sail run cdr/sshcode

to open a project right from the command line.

Browser extension demo:



  • No more "It works on my machine", everyone working on the same project is working in the same environment.
  • Stop duplicating effort, source-control and collaborate on the environment.
  • Instant set-up, open an IDE for a project straight from GitHub or GitLab.


Documentation is available at

Or, you can read it in it's markdown form at site/content/docs.

Quick Start


Currently Sail supports both Linux and MacOS. Windows support is planned for a future release.

Before using Sail, there are several dependencies that must be installed on the host system:


For simple, secure and fast installation, the following command will install the latest version of sail for your OS and architecture into /usr/local/bin. You will need to have /usr/local/bin in your $PATH in order to use it.

curl | bash

For Arch users, there is an official AUR package.

Verify the Installation

To verify Sail is properly installed, run sail --help on your system. If everything is installed correctly, you should see Sail's help text.


You should now be able to run sail run cdr/sail from your terminal to start an environment designed for working on the Sail repo.

Browser Extension

To open GitHub or GitLab projects in a Sail environment with a single click, see the browser extension install instructions.

Learn More

Additional docs covering concepts and configuration can be found at