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A Jekyll theme designed from the ground up to work well for serialized fiction.


Add this line to your Jekyll site's Gemfile:

gem "jekyll-theme-lycorma"

And add this line to your Jekyll site's _config.yml:

theme: jekyll-theme-lycorma

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install jekyll-theme-lycorma


There is no pagination currently, and there is only one layout. All styling is done in main.scss except for the initial reset (in /_sass/reset.scss) and the syntax highlighting (in /_sass/syntax.css, borrowed from github and mostly ignored because this theme isn't intended for discussing software).

For a page to appear in the sidebar, it needs sidebar: true set in it's frontmatter.

Each post is assumed to have the following front matter, as well:

  • title: The title of Your piece.
  • description: A short synopsis of Your piece.
  • date: The original date Your piece was published.

It's also important that You specify certain things in the _config.yml file. There are a few nonstandard settings:

  • license: The license for Your work. I recommend a Creative Commons license of some sort, but You do You.
  • licurl: The url of whichever license You've chosen for Your work.
  • author: The name of the license holder (that is, probably Your name) for the work.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

That said, this project is in use by me, and is subject to change if my whims carry me there.


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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