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this is my implementation of a impact plugin for realtime multiplayer games with node/


  1. nodejs and for windows user i highly recommend nodejs-win ( until npm works without massive pain.
  2. a normal webserver like apache (xampp, wampp... etc)
  3. the impact game engine (


to run the demo, just put a copy of impact in the lib folder and start the server ("node impactConnectServer.js") in case of several security restrictions, you have to start a webserver and open the index.html via http://localhost/impactConnect/

short infos and explanations

  • removes all prototypes from classes and objects for no reason (or i just dont know the reason), so im sending strings and use eval on client side (in spawning entities and moving function). example for moving animation: var newAnim = "ent.anims."+data.remoteAnim; ent.currentAnim = eval(newAnim);

  • reconnecting does not work for now

  • extended main.js by "getEntityByRemoteId"

  • if you want to run it not on localhost, you have to change the server in 2 files: index.html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:1337/"></script>

impactconnect.js: this.socket = io.connect('http://localhost:'+port, {...

  • if you need more logging serverside, just uncomment "io.set('log level', 1);" in impactConnectServer.js

  • added announce method

  • added notification manager from Abraham Walters to announce to everyone