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View it here. Only tested on Firefox 64 and Chrome 71.

Demo image

Originally created as a means to explore Wikidata's subclass hierarchy, Wikidata Spiral proved to be more useful in visualizing art. However it is generic enough to explore almost any property. One limitation of this view is that it depends on the presence of the image property on entities (which is why it works so well for artists). Hopefully this will promote the addition of more images to Wikidata.


  • Use the left/right or up/down arrows to scroll through the slices.
  • Hovering over a slice will display its label.
  • Clicking one a slice will attempt to set the slice as the root, finding new slices which have CLAIM[$property:$newRoot]. This is useful for properties such as P279 (subclass of), P171 (parent taxon), or P131 (located in the administrative territorial entity).
  • Double clicking on a slice will open its corresponding Wikidata page.


(Accessible as URL parameters)

Name Type Default Description
root QID Q5582 The item displayed as root.
property PID P170 The property to follow. The spiral's slices are determined by CLAIM[$property:$root] (or whatever is specified in the wdq or sparql parameters).
langs CSV en,fr The language(s) to pull label names as.
slices Integer 12 The number of slices to display at a time.
autoScroll Boolean false Whether the spiral should automatically scroll.
wdq WDQ CLAIM[$property:$root] The Wikidata Query used to determine slices. See WDQ's Documentation for help. The variables $property and $root are available for use in the query.
sparql SPARQL SELECT ?x WHERE { ?x wdt:$property wd:$root } The SPARQL query used to determine the slices. The items should be in the first variable. See WDQS for examples. The variables $property and $root are available for use in the query.
Also supports "short" SPARQL excluding the SELECT (ex: ?x wdt:P31 wd:$root) or excluding the ?x as well (ex: wdt:P279|wdt:P31 wd:$root).
unicodeIcons Boolean false Whether to use unicode characters (P487) instead of label's first letter as an icon for each slice. Also forces the letters to show above images.

Deprecated Parameters

Please do not use these.

Name Type Default Description
query WDQ CLAIM[$property:$root] Renamed to wdq.




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