Sprint Program

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CDS Hooks Sprint Program


  • Promote creation of clinical-grade service integrations (EHRs + CDS Services)
  • Gain implementation experience with real-world systems
  • Refine the spec, balancing ease of use, flexibility, and stability
  • Drive toward pilot deployments with the ability to measure results

Technical Objectives

  1. Decide expectations for preFetch behavior --> possibly define an open-source gateway to smooth over the difference

  2. Determine an approach to publishing metadata ("JSON snippets")

  3. Evaluate approaches to conveying inputs/outputs in "simple" (i.e. normal) JSON

  4. Determine an approach to security (authentication/authorization)

    • CDS Service needs to authenticate the EHR --> OAuth interaction
    • EHR needs to authenticate the service --> simple bearer tokens

Ways to help

Help build out core infrastructure
  1. Write a service exposing Card fixtures for testing
  2. Write a tutorial
  3. Write a preFetch Proxy
  4. Write a set of test hook calls
Build your own components:
  1. CDS services
  2. EHR support

Pilot Opportunities

  • BCH/Cerner building support for prescription hooks
  • Others?

Create a CDS Hook

  1. Listen at {{base}}/$cds-hook
  2. Expose metadata at {{base}}/$cds-hook-metadata
  3. Load into test harness and try it