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Event batching #26

cdsmith opened this Issue · 1 comment

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For the sake of efficiency, I want to avoid sending so many event HTTP requests. The event format should be "batched" rather than one request per event as it is now. Furthermore, the following rules should be applied to batches:

  1. The first event is sent immediately in its own batch, but then subsequent events are combined into a batch that's scheduled to be sent x milliseconds afterward.
  2. Key events are always added to the pending batch, if any.
  3. Motion events always replace the existing motion event in the batch, if there is one already.

This can be combined with timestamps (issue 25), in which case only batches need timestamps, not individual events. The order of events within a timestamp is preserved, and when motion events are replaced, they are also moved to the end.


The JavaScript already essentially does this... just need to change the interface so it's done in one request, instead of a flurry of multiple simultaneous requests every 0.1 seconds.

@cdsmith cdsmith closed this in 4c0c5f4
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