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Bitmaps #9

cdsmith opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Chris Smith
Chris Smith

Something should be done about bitmaps. The issues are:

  • Gloss's current bitmap support requires either hardcoding the binary RGB data, or using I/O actions. Neither are acceptable.
  • We probably want a way for users to upload images for using in their programs.
  • We do still need to preserve the ability to algorithmically generate images, too.

Ben has given me a little bit of a go-ahead to modify the Gloss API to accomodate I/O-less bitmap loading, which would then apply to the OpenGL back-end as well as gloss-web.

Chris Smith

Currently blocking algorithmic images is the need to build bytecode with the Trustworthy flag.

Chris Smith

Further comment: even if we tried, we can't actually build bytestring with the Trustworthy flag, because the ghc package depends on it, so it's impossible to use a modified bytestring in conjunction with the GHC API.

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