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-Alternative implementation of the pipes concept
+Alternative implementation of the pipes concept.
+The Pipe type is `Pipe a b u m r`, where:
+ - `a` is the input type
+ - `b` is the output type
+ - `u` is the upstream return type
+ - `m` is the base monad
+ - `r` is the return type
+The primitive stream operations are:
+ - `tryAwait` waits for upstream `yield` or termination
+ - `yield` yields a value to downstream
+Exceptions and finalization are to be decided.
+There is a separate `PutbackPipe` type for the purpose of preserving leftover data. It does
+not form a category, and instead provides a specialized composition operator, `>++>`, which
+only permits composition on the left end of a pipeline.
+Note that `simulatePipe` is the fundamental abstraction for running a `Pipe`. The more
+widely known `runPipe` is provided as a specialization.

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