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Build System Install Notes
How to create a Debian based Quartus system to build the FPGA code
Debian Jessie
Quartus 15.1.2
Install Debian Jessie amd64 via net install on your favorite platform
Full details can be found elsewhere
I used VirtualBox and the netboot mini.iso installer
Install the base system
Username: builder
Password: builder
Install software selections:
SSH server
standard system utilities
*NO* Desktop selected! (unless you want *LOTS* of extra stuff)
Install additional required Debian packages:
Obtain the Quartus install files from:
Quartus Prime:
Size: 1.7 GB MD5: CC8BFDE25F57C2F05D1753882BC9607A
Cyclone V device support:
Size: 1.1 GB MD5: 7F108A307455ACDC3CF6DA21B1FBF211
Quartus Prime Software v15.1 Update 2
Size: 4.1 GB MD5: EECCEF76A26E98E8022C59C7491FC215
Connect to the system via ssh with X11 port-forwarding
(the Altera install scripts launch "pop-up" windows)
Install the Quartus tools:
Add the Quartus tools to your path:
# This assumes the default install location for user "builder". Adjust as
# necessary for your system
export PATH="$PATH:/home/builder/altera_lite/15.1/quartus/bin:/home/builder/altera_lite/15.1/quartus/sopc_builder/bin"
Enable Talkback:
Grab the source code:
git clone
Build the bitfile:
cd mksocfpga/HW/QuartusProjects/DE0_NAN0_SOC_GHRD
make rbf
<ding> If all went well, your chip is ready!
FPGA programming file will be: