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A personal website.

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This website is built with:

  • GatsbyJS - Static website generation using React
  • Travis CI - Continuous integration and deployment to GitHub Pages


The website provides three primary forms of content:

  • Blog posts
  • Project cards
  • 'About' information


Blogging is done via creation of Markdown files located within the data/posts folder.

During builds, Gatsby creates pages for each post file.


Post file format is as follows:

path: "/foo-bar
date: "YYYY-MM-DD"
title: "Foo Bar"

Excerpt content goes here (raw text only).

<!-- end -->

Body content goes here (Markdown).

Excerpts will be parsed from the end of the frontmatter section until <!-- end -->.


Posts inside posts/__drafts will only be displayed in non-production environments (i.e. NODE_ENV !== production).


Projects are added via JSON in data/projects/projects.json and made available to the application via GraphQL queries.


Project file format is as follows:


  "projects": [
    // ... existing projects ...
      // Project name
      "name": "foo",
      // Projects are displayed in ascending order
      "order": 1,
      // Short description of the project
      "shortDescription": "Spotify visualizer for your living room TV, inspired by Zune.",
      // List of technologies used
      "techStack": [
          "React", "Redux", "Node.js/Express", "Jest", "Heroku", "MongoDB"
      // Homepage for the project
      "homepageUrl": "",
      // Link to source code
      "gitHubUrl": ""


Personal information must be written within data/about/ This will be rendered onto the 'About' page.


If you want to make this website your own:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Update siteMetadata and the Google Analytics tracking ID in gatsby-config.js
  3. Update the page <title> in html.js
  4. Delete/update content in data and/or write your own, using the content section as a guide


Development is done on the develop branch.

  • All commits to develop are automatically deployed.
  • Development must be done on branches off develop, NOT master.
  • This means that pull requests should set develop as the base.

Deployment (i.e. build output) is found on master.

  • This is because GitHub Pages User Pages must be deployed on master.
  • Travis CI is solely responsible for deploying builds to master.


  • Node.js - Latest LTS release


First, clone the repository.

To install dependencies:

$ npm install


To run a development server with live-reload (and linting):

$ npm run develop


To build the website for production:

$ npm run build

Build output is located within the public folder.


Travis CI

The website can be served via GitHub pages after being built by Travis CI.

The configuration file is found at .travis.yml; the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable must be set.

The flow is as follows:

  1. Code is pushed to a branch
  2. The branch is built via the config
  3. If the branch is develop, build output is pushed to master
  4. GitHub Pages serves master

Google Analytics

Google Analytics support is built-in. Simply update the tracking ID found in gatsby-config.js under the options for the gatsby-plugin-google-analytics plugin.




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