Tool for setting up Metapipe on Spark Cluster
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This is tool for setting up Metapipe in OCCI enabled endpoint. Uses code from mmg-cluster-setup.
Currently in development.


File structure:

  • "": Contains Terraform configuration
  • "pouta-ansible-cluster": Folder containing Ansible playbooks
  • "provision": Folder containing installation scripts
  • "": Python script creating and provisioning Metapipe environment
  • "": Python script running Metapipe with custom job tag
  • "": Python script destroying Metapipe environment
  • "": Python script stopping Metapipe on cluster

What it can do:

  • Create 1 master and x slave nodes with Terraform at OCCI endpoint (currently tested only in CESNET MetaCloud. Might not work at other endpoints due to different CentOS 7 images)
  • Provision all hosts with Ansible, copy necessary files to run Metapipe
  • Run Metapipe with custom job tag
  • Cleanup environment

What is missing:

  • Some functionality

How to use:

Recommended way to use Metapipe tool is with Docker