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A simple little annoying notification bar plugin
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Chris Wharton
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A simple little annoying notification bar plugin



Set up

Nice and easy, just include this in your <head> or just before </body>

<script src=""></script>
<script src="jquery.cookie.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.bugme.js"></script>

Then call the function…

	jQuery(document).ready(function () {


target: jQuery(this), // target of where you want the bugme bar to go
        message: "Super duper exciting announcement goes in here! You can even have a link <a href=''></a>", // message that goes inside the bug me bar
        align: "left", // align the message left, right, center or justify
        close: true, // have the close button on or off
        closeText: "X", // for the little dismiss cross in the top right
        closeAlign: "right", // align close button left or right
        remember: true, // this stores a cookie to remember cancellation of bugme bar
        expireIn: 7, // set expiry of remember cookie (in days)
        cookieName: "bugmebar", // this will allow you set a cookie name
        colours: true, // this will traverse through the colours in the CSS - CSS3 browsers only
        animate: true, // this will animate in and out the bugme bar - CSS3 browsers only
        fixed: false, // this will fix bugmebar to the top of the page
        fixedSpacer: false, // want to create a bit of space for a fixed bar? Set to true
        zindex: 99999 // this will allow you control the z-index of bugmebar


Aside from the colour changing aspect and the bouncy animation, this works in IE7 & IE8.

It has also been tested in all the cool browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera), iOS, Windows Phone and Android Phone… and IE9 &IE10.

Special thanks

Dan Eden for his awesome animate.css

Klaus Hartl for his amazing jquery.cookie plugin

Why did I build this?

Because I needed something mega simple without a gazillion options that also looked nice and I couldn't find anything that matched those requirements.

Happy annoying people, everyone :)

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