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Commits on May 10, 2013
Commits on Feb 22, 2013
  1. Updated readme

    cdwharton committed Feb 22, 2013
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
  1. Update

    cdwharton committed Oct 31, 2012
  2. Update

    cdwharton committed Oct 31, 2012
  3. Merge pull request #6 from unsymbol/master

    cdwharton committed Oct 31, 2012
    Tidying up documentation
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
  1. remove .txt and remove options section from readme. the wiki would be…

    mcfilib committed Oct 30, 2012
    … a good place for this.
  2. reformat options block

    mcfilib committed Oct 30, 2012
Commits on May 31, 2012
  1. Google Analytics Cookie removal on decline

    cdwharton committed May 31, 2012
    I've also updated the following with this release:
    1. CookieCutter (div replacer) now has an explicit Accept button
    whether you hide those buttons or not
    2. I've appended the cookies notification bar if you choose a bottom
    position, this will push it to the foot of the html for mobile devices
    and not appear at the top any more.
    3. Added a "domain" option to the cookie write function, but only if
    you have filled in the cookieDomain variable.
Commits on May 30, 2012
Commits on May 26, 2012
  1. "Implied consent" updates

    cdwharton committed May 26, 2012
    Although the plugin worked with the "Implied consent" I've added a
    couple more options to make implementation a bit smoother - Ability to
    show/hide accept, cookie cutter function (div replacer) can work only
    when visitor declines and I've added a discreet reset option.
Commits on May 24, 2012
  1. Div cutter updated

    cdwharton committed May 24, 2012
    Clicking decline cleared Cookie Cutter options contents, resolved. I
    also added some explicit cookie expiration when you clicked on
  2. IE6/IE7 bug for cookie decline creation resolved

    cdwharton committed May 24, 2012
    IE6/IE7 decided to ignore the if statement set to detect the #decline
    value and were falsely setting an accept cookie... silly IEI
Commits on May 21, 2012
  1. Added more options for more discreet messages

    cdwharton committed May 21, 2012
    As the story unravels on the EU Cookie Law, I've now extended (to what
    I hope is the final version of) the plugin. You can now have a box in
    any corner, plus an individually different message for your policy page.
Commits on May 19, 2012
Commits on May 18, 2012
Commits on May 17, 2012
Commits on May 16, 2012
Commits on May 15, 2012
Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. Made cookie persistent, oversight on my part

    cdwharton committed May 14, 2012
    I've also set this an a configurable option
Commits on May 13, 2012
Commits on May 12, 2012
  1. cookieDeclined variable being set twice, removed the first instance

    cdwharton committed May 12, 2012
    This has no effect on the functioning of the code from the previous
Commits on May 11, 2012
  1. Initial release

    cdwharton committed May 11, 2012
Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. Upload GPL file

    cdwharton committed May 9, 2012
  2. initial commit

    cdwharton committed May 9, 2012
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