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Stuck: PHP Pastebin

Stuck is a simple, functional, and attractive pastebin written in PHP. It is released under the GPLv3 license and requires at least PHP5 and MySQL.

For install instructions, see the INSTALL file provided with this distribution. For upgrade instructions, see the UPGRADE file provided with this distribution.

This software is released by Chris Dzombak with the help of other contributors (names available in the Git commit log). It's based on the open-source Stikked by Ben McRedmond, created 2008-09-15.

Current Version

The current and development versions are maintained on Github.

There has not yet been a full, stable release of Stuck, though we are incrementing the version number when major progress is made in development. It should be stable enough for personal, noncritical use.

Copyrights and Licensing

The modifications to the original Stikked software (code after and including commit 6cd9a161 on 2010-02-01) are (c) 2010 Chris Dzombak and all other contributors. The unmodified portions of this software (code prior to and including commit 1ce2f497 on 2009-08-30) are (c) Stikked.

Stuck is an open-source (GPL) PHP application which may be used under the following conditions:

  1. The footer message remains intact, you may add to it but not take away. Removing the current footer message breaches the license.
  2. You acknowledge that Stikked is built off the open-source CodeIgniter framework available at which is licensed under the terms outlined in "CI_LICENSE".
  3. You acknowledge the JQuery library is included with Stikked and is dual licensed under the GPL/MIT licenses available at
  4. You acknowledge that the geshi library is included with stikked, licensing information on this can be found in /system/application/libraries/geshi/docs/.
  5. You acknowledge the terms under which the jQuery "clipboard" plugin is released, these terms can be found in /static/js/jquery.clipboard.js.
  6. You agree to the terms of the GPL license agreement under which stikked is released, you can find a copy of this license in this directory under the name "LICENSE".

A copy of the GPL is in the LICENSE file provided with this distribution.


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