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Ann Arbor FOIA RSS/JSON Feed

Generates an RSS feed and a JSON feed from Ann Arbor's public FOIA request database.

Subscribing to the feed

Add to your feed reader of choice.

(Or use if you prefer a JSON Feed.)

Deployment (Docker)

Pre-built Docker images are available for linux/amd64, linux/arm64, and linux/386; see Docker Hub or GHCR for details. This is the preferred deployment method, as it avoids the need to deal with Ruby versions or building Nokogiri.

Run the image like the following:

docker run --rm \
    -v /srv/a2-foia-public:/app/public \
    --user=www-data:www-data \

Schedule it periodically with a crontab entry like:

*/30  *  *  *  *  docker run --rm -v /srv/a2-foia-public:/app/public --user=www-data:www-data cdzombak/a2-foia-rss:main

Or, using runner to retry in case of errors and suppress output on successful runs:

*/30  *  *  *  *  runner -retries 2 -job-name "A2 FOIA RSS Feed" -- docker run --rm -v /srv/a2-foia-public:/app/public --user=www-data:www-data cdzombak/a2-foia-rss:main

Deployment (local Ruby)

  1. Clone the repo and change to the a2-foia-rss directory
  2. bundle install --path Vendor/bundle
  3. Refer to the Nokogiri docs to troubleshoot installation.
  4. Schedule periodically via cron, with something like:
0  *  *  *  *  cd /home/cdzombak/scripts/a2-foia-rss && /usr/local/bin/bundle exec /usr/bin/ruby build_rss.rb`

Author & Contributors

Author: Chris Dzombak (GitHub @cdzombak)

Thank you to the contributors who have helped keep this running reliably:


MIT; see LICENSE in this repository.