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tiny bash-based healthcheck/monitoring tool, with rate limiting, email & twilio notifications
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lightweight-healthcheck is a minimal healthchecking/monitoring script.

  • written in Bash & deployable anywhere
  • email & SMS (Twilio) notifications, including date/time and the hostname that sent the alert
  • mail/SMS alert rate limiting, to avoid blowing through your Twilio/Mailgun quota
  • alert logging


Make a copy of the script and put it somewhere like ~/scripts/ Make it executable. Change the variables at the top of the script, and customize the check function, to get the script set up for whatever you're monitoring. Schedule it via cron however frequently you want.


I use Mailgun to ensure reliable delivery of mail from my servers. Set it up for the system following eg. this guide.


SMS alerts are sent via Twilio. You'll need to configure that via the Twilio variables in the script.

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