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[ARCHIVED; see osx-automation] Custom OS X services that make my life easier
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Archive nvALT Note.workflow/Contents
Copy Message Link.workflow/Contents
Copy Public Dropbox Link.workflow/Contents
Generate QR Code.workflow/Contents
Open Selected Text As URL.workflow/Contents
Open URL.workflow/Contents
Play Fax Sound.workflow/Contents
Scale Images.workflow/Contents
Send to OmniFocus.workflow/Contents
Archive nvALT Note.scpt
Create OmniFocus Action with Link to nvALT Note.scpt
Eject External Disks.scpt
OmniFocus Quick Open.scpt
nvALT Scratch.scpt


Custom OS X services (and Applescripts) that make my life easier. Designed to be triggered via OS X's Services or via FastScripts.

The Scripts/Services

Archive nvALT Note

Moves the selected note in nvALT to the Archive subfolder in your notes directory.

Copy Message Link

Copies a link to the currently-selected message in

Copy Public Dropbox Link

Service-based version of cdzombak/qs-public-dropbox-link.

Generate QR Code

Generates a QR code from the selected text.

Eject External Disks

Ejects the external USB disks typically attached to my laptop while at my desk at home. This can be triggered via Shift-Control-U to quickly unmount when I want my laptop to be portable again.

It opens /Volumes in Finder so I can verify when the disks have been unmounted as expected.

OmniFocus Quick Open

Opens OmniFocus’s “Quick Open” dialog. Work best when run via FastScripts shortcut, because OS X doesn’t seem to want to grant ‘Automator’ privileges for assistive access.

Open Selected Text As URL

Opens the selected text as a URL in the system default application.

Open URL

Asks for a URL and opens it in the system default application.

Play Fax Sound

Pauses iTunes and Spotify if they’re running, then ensure volume isn’t muted and plays this fax sound.

Answer automated phone calls with this to get yourself removed from autodialer lists.

Scale Images

Scales the selected images by a given amount (default 50%) and puts the results on the Desktop.

Send to OmniFocus service for rentzsch/OmniFocus Selected Mail Messages.applescript.


I currently use these on OS X 10.10. They probably work on other similar OS X versions.


MIT. See LICENSE included in this repo.


Chris Dzombak