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Put twitter on your website with tweet!, an unobtrusive javascript plugin for jquery.

cdzombak's fork

  • adds option to turn user linking off (for use with Twitter's hovercards)
  • adds option to turn hashtag linking off
  • moves date from before to after the tweet

Demo and



  • small size and fast download time
  • will not slow down or pause your page while tweets are loading
  • display up to 100 tweets, as permitted by the twitter search api
  • display tweets from a twitter search, or from your own feed
  • optional verb tense matching, for human readable tweets
  • optionally display your avatar
  • optionally display tweets from multiple accounts!
  • automatic linking of @replies to users’ twitter page
  • automatic linking of URLs
  • automatic linking of #hashtags, to a twitter search of all your tags
  • converts <3 to a css styleable ♥ (we ♥ hearts)
  • customize the style with your own stylesheet or with other jquery plugins


Note: tweet does not need to be in the page head, necessarily.

  1. Get JQuery. In these examples, we use Google's AJAX Libraries API. See:

  2. include jQuery and jquery.tweet.js files in your template's <head>.

  3. Also in <head>, Initialize tweet! on page load with your Username and other options

  4. In <body>, include a placeholder for your tweets. They'll get loaded in via JSON. How fancy!

  5. Style with our stylesheet in <head>, or modify as you like!


Bring your code slinging skills to Github and help us develop new features for tweet!

git clone git://

Report bugs at


Licensed under the MIT License.

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