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Commits on Feb 9, 2016
  1. @thiell

    NodeSet: fix parser when nodeset starts with a digit

    thiell committed
    Fix parser issue when brackets were used on a nodeset starting with a
    Closes #284.
    Change-Id: I75dff6cfbc0384acc3dead6626fd36a6494908f7
Commits on Jan 20, 2016
  1. @degremont

    Task: Fix example in docstrings

    degremont committed
    NodeSet was used but not imported in module docstrings.
    Change-Id: I66f94382f68b640aeeac4ca1515341d608e5f996
Commits on Dec 7, 2015
  1. @martinetd

    clush: make stdin-reader thread daemonic

    martinetd committed
    Clush sometimes hangs because the ssh child exits after we've read stdin user
    data (stupid example: yes | clush -w foo echo bar)
    setDaemon needs to be changed to stdin_thread.daemon = True in the future
    (2.6+/3 compat)
    Closes #279.
    Change-Id: I2eb4162200da9d968a1cb0cad4edbcec05b9a53c
Commits on Dec 1, 2015
  1. @thiell

    CLI/ fix output-format when folding

    thiell committed
    Fix --output-format / -O when using -f by applying format to each node
    as it makes little sense to apply it on the final result in that case.
    Closes #277.
    Change-Id: Ic3b4d28af6620615997a86519dc0ca5524bfd7c6
  2. @thiell

    specfile: use github URLs instead of

    thiell committed
    Use github on-demand tarball based on git tags.
    Closes #280.
    Change-Id: I26d371c1abaa13e0ec73cea7b4d3dcb7696e6243
Commits on Nov 30, 2015
  1. @thiell

    conf: add Cray ACE node group source example

    thiell committed
    Another example of how to implement external group source upcalls.
    Also fix a broken upcall in slurmstate group source when nodes are in
    maintenance mode or scheduled to be rebooted.
    Close #264.
    Change-Id: I2c86735cdf1d039af46083d49930681105d677f0
  2. @thiell

    doc: fix wrong pip install as user command in documentation

    thiell committed
    Change-Id: Ic73a14437bb0c1d6b6d720b56b4717b5d0f98a34
  3. @martinetd

    clush: tune stdin read() size for performance

    martinetd committed
    openssh does 64k reads so this improves performance quite a bit.
    From tests on a 10gbe network:
     - single node transfer goes from 130MB/s to 200MB/s
     - 16 nodes transfer goes from 400MB/s to 750MB/s (cpubound)
    Closes #278.
    Change-Id: Iec0ea7783595e15bb1c9f7298c105ff965ea2446
Commits on Nov 10, 2015
  1. @thiell

    Release 1.7

    thiell committed
    Change-Id: I8ba7b1ff5d793cc4f8af4227000302a5530e7b61
  2. @thiell

    specfile: support unversioned doc dir

    thiell committed
    Use special %doc to install docs in specfile to support unversioned doc
    dir change on Fedora-20 (redhat bz #993703).
    Change-Id: I09e8ccab98006df3e50eb725dc5850bd3ed8963a
  3. @thiell

    doc/sphinx: added release notes for release 1.7

    thiell committed
    Also added more info about cluster.yaml to config.rst.
    Closes #276.
    Change-Id: I610cfc38f25b9020c701f0aeb03e0fb24ef50e97
  4. @thiell

    NodeSet: do not require 'all' special group for file-based source

    thiell committed
    Fix 'all' fallback mechanism for file-based source. With this change,
    the all special group for file-based source is only used if defined,
    otherwise we just include all nodes from the source.
    Used by NodeSet.fromall() and @* group syntax.
    Change-Id: I3b3de11566421de94ff302698f3d2a8a0be18eb5
Commits on Nov 6, 2015
  1. @degremont

    doc/sphinx: Update Debian information

    degremont committed
    Update Debian version references.
    This is the last missing documentation update from #230.
    Closes #230.
    Change-Id: I79828d2e6a0f8f43c989a03ba10944b1d5d70f2d
  2. @thiell

    doc/sphinx: misc. improvements

    thiell committed
    Part of #262 (phase 2 and 3).
    Change-Id: I415fa069cec775f24a5431a6d6be0d5cc122cdca
  3. @thiell

    Clush: added -P/--progress option

    thiell committed
    Added --progress option to clush to force display of the live progress
    indicator and display global write bandwidth when writing standard input
    (make use of the ev_written event handler).
    Added documentation for clush progress indicator.
    Change-Id: Iaa2b6613939792de9ada3d333c1c5cc5cc3144a9
  4. @thiell

    NodeUtils: change cache_delay to cache_time

    thiell committed
    conf: improve slurm group config example (again): add cache_time and use
    %R format instead of %P to filter '*' from partition name also in
    reverse upcall
    Change-Id: I7c5546361efafcaca2865ec45f119aa533d8b510
Commits on Nov 4, 2015
  1. @thiell

    Tree: add channel versioning

    thiell committed
    Add ClusterShell version into channel tag for debugging and future use.
    Change-Id: I0872bf0e563c18a67b4a558911942a4c2221ffdc
  2. @thiell

    Event: implement ev_written event

    thiell committed
    Generate ev_written after some write buffer data have been written. The
    amount of data written is available as an additional argument of the
    ev_written event handler and can be used to track writing.
    Closes #194.
    Change-Id: I41db8ac3783143d7e9dc6b32f0daad4d7362b667
  3. @thiell

    NodeSet: fix % escaping when using _fromlist1 initializer

    thiell committed
    clush uses the private optimized NodeSet._fromlist1 constructor, and
    this one was lacking proper % character escaping. Cleaned up things so
    that escaping is done by main EngineParser methods, and not in low level
    _scan_* parsing methods anymore.
    Closes #275.
    Change-Id: Ib1f279a10ae82d655f0199cc753ed738a82e6ce5
Commits on Nov 3, 2015
  1. @thiell

    NodeSet: accept decodable unicode strings

    thiell committed
    Change typecheck from str to basestring to give a try to any input
    unicode string (must be decodable).
    Closes #251.
    Change-Id: Ia0f6a23dd6809d31320d54dc599150c7f66a0d64
  2. @thiell

    conf: improve slurm group config example

    thiell committed
    - use %R format instead of %P to filter '*' from partition name
    - add an example of slurm node state group source
    Change-Id: I4c04e61b2d7b517e77c938f0fc1e0d673131ff42
  3. @thiell

    clush: add -R option as an alias of --worker

    thiell committed
    Add this -R option alias as we claim to be pdsh backward compatible in
    the documentation (and --worker is close to the rcmd selection in pdsh).
    Improved -R/--worker documentation.
    Change-Id: Icaef77ebfb9e9a6aa539b3f97501e9de8ece78c8
Commits on Oct 31, 2015
  1. @thiell

    clush: add node count in aggregated error message

    thiell committed
    This is sometimes useful to have the number of nodes having failed with
    a specific exit code. This can be removed with -q/--quiet, like the node
    count found in the output header.
    Closes #270.
    Change-Id: Ibe40750f074671528655f09f0e19d593fb52d8e8
  2. @thiell

    doc/sphinx: misc improvements and RPM packaging

    thiell committed
    - added logo image for (with transparency!)
    - added missing file EngineTimer.rst
    - added Sphinx documentation source tree to RPM specfile.
    Part of #262.
    Change-Id: I36b50d70c361afdc8d54266276fb501cff4e188c
Commits on Oct 29, 2015
  1. @thiell

    doc/guide: remove LaTeX guide source

    thiell committed
    The guide is now deprecated by doc/sphinx/.
    Part of #262.
    Change-Id: I450f35d21f39ad6bbed280a2c4ce10439c94ab75
  2. @thiell add DeprecationWarning for last_*() methods

    thiell committed
    Worker.current_* attributes are replacing last_*() methods returning
    tuple...  the goal is to remove the latter ones completely in the future.
    Closes #271.
    Change-Id: Ia891efe54f0b05e6828829c07d379e3ccfe105a8
  3. @thiell

    clush: add -O/--option command line option

    thiell committed
    Add -O/--option as a generic way to change any clush.conf config option
    on command line.
    Closes #248.
    Change-Id: Ib69f582c0856f10bc02b588a9b55ca2f099419dd
  4. @thiell

    New ClusterShell/

    thiell committed
    A new module and class named Defaults to manage library defaults.
    The main goal is to centralize library defaults. We globally expose a
    Defaults instance (DEFAULTS object) to Task and others. A library user
    may change documented attribute values before actual ClusterShell
    objects are initialized. All library modules make use of this now.
    Also, most options may be overridden in a new config file
    (defaults.conf), system-wide or per-user config overrides. Usually, this
    is dangerous and not recommended , but can be useful in some few
    cases. That's why no default  defaults.conf is provided, only one
    example can be found in docs and is packaged as a doc example (switching
    from ssh to rsh default distant worker).
    Closes #217.
    Change-Id: Iaf1ef455bb71377bdd77fce3d3bb39466b84b942
  5. @thiell

    Tree: fix duplicate gateway messages on stdout and stderr

    thiell committed
    Commit 429aad0 enabled stderr writer on
    the gateway, introducing all gateway messages to be sent on both stdout
    and stderr. Stderr messages are ignored for now, that's why we didn't
    notice earlier. We could support stderr stream later. This patchs
    disable stderr writer again, add common channel stream names, and write
    specifically to the writer stream. For this to work, also added sname
    support for ExecWorker and its subclasses.
    Issue #274 has been open to track corresponding enhancement.
    Change-Id: Id14aff31964ea67240ee3172810775dc183be8df
  6. @thiell

    Tree: support multihomed gateways

    thiell committed
    Fixed a tree issue when hosts provided in topology.conf don't match the
    gateway system hostnames. The gateway host/alias found in topology.conf
    is now sent during channel configuration. It is then received by the
    gateway and used as new root of the PropagationTreeRouter instead of
    system hostname. Both parent node and gateway should be upgraded to
    benefit from this feature, however, not doing so shouldn't break
    existing installation.
    Closes #250.
    Change-Id: Ide88032e99e44071b2da33a6e507a521ee029b30
Commits on Oct 23, 2015
  1. @thiell

    Event: add ev_pickup event

    thiell committed
    Event generated when a specific node command has been confirmed launched.
    It is the opposite of already existing ev_hup event.
    Also improved EventHandler documentation.
    Closes #195.
    Change-Id: I780494e467c35f8cd39aded0d7278bd23b78e307
  2. @thiell

    clush: add --hostfile command line option

    thiell committed
    Also added --machinefile as option alias.
    Closes #235.
    Change-Id: I0ef11ef767e4da46fa2fb6ab69f549d9cc436da3
  3. @thiell

    NodeSet: add parser support for bracket with leading/trailing digits

    thiell committed
    This patch enhances NodeSet parser so that it now correctly recognizes
    nodeset strings with brackets having leading/trailing digits like in
    Closes #228.
    Change-Id: I10675f4ebc081d1ad1fe84e056cec1e7c024ae0a
Commits on Oct 12, 2015
  1. @thiell improved package installation for pip

    thiell committed
    - introduce clustershell configuration files as data_files in
    and 2 ways of installing config files, system-wide as root or in-prefix
    as user (works with python install and pip)
    - fix specfile accordingly to support root and user rpm building
    - improved pip related documentation to explain how to use clustershell
    as an user with pip (also as root)
    - added an example of using NodeSet to parse $SLURM_NODELIST in a batch
    script for Parallel Python
    Closes #170.
    Change-Id: I86bd08719640c37877c849d5e32dc41c2a553eb5
  2. @thiell per-user groups.conf configuration file

    thiell committed
    Added per-user groups.conf override (uses $XDG_CONFIG_HOME but not only,
    please see docs). The loading logic of groups.conf itself is similar to
    clush.conf's one.
    Added special variable $CFGDIR in upcalls, replaced by the chosen
    groups.conf dirname, so that it works with user config.
    By default, an user installation (eg. with pip --user) will still load system
    groups. This could be easily disabled by editing confdir and autodir variables
    in user's groups.conf.
    Closes #164.
    Closes #191 (along with 6860608).
    Change-Id: Ib9ed8e1ceefe1af4060a3b7728dd34d4ac90e6a1
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