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HP2P (Heavy Peer To Peer) benchmark is a test which performs MPI Point-to-Point non-blocking communications between all MPI processes. Its goal is to measure the bandwidths and the latencies in a situation where the network is loaded. The benchmark can help to detect problems in a network like contentions or problems with switchs or links.

The benchmark comes with a interactive GUI tool written in Python 2 with Matplotlib for post-processing the result.

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New: HTML report can be generated instead of Python GUI for portability. The following link gives an example of a report.

Plotly example


Main program:

  • C++ compiler
  • MPI


  • Python 2.x.x
  • Python plugins:
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • mpldatacursor

Getting started

$ ./configure --prefix=<path-to-install>
$ make
$ make install

The program hp2p.exe is generated.

Running HP2P

$ hp2p.exe -h
 Usage: ./hp2p.exe [-h] [-n nit] [-k freq] [-m nb_msg]
        [-s msg_size] [-o output] [-r hostfile]
        [-b bin_timer] [-i conf_file]
    -i conf_file    Configuration file
    -n nit          Number of iterations
    -k freq         Iterations between snapshot
    -s msg_size     Message size
    -m nb_msg       Number of msg per comm
    -b bin_timer    Generate Bin timer (false = 0 (default), true = 1)
    -t max_time     Max duration
    -c build        Algorithm to build couple (random = 0 (default), mirroring shift = 1)
    -r hostfile     Hostfile
    -o output       Output file

The program is written in MPI:

 $ mpirun -n 32 ./hp2p.exe -n 1000 -s 1024 -m 10 -b 1 -o first_test

This command will launch the benchmark on 32 MPI processes and will run 1000 iterations. An iteration consists on a draw of random couples of MPI processes and then a phase where 10 successive communications of 1024 bytes will be performed. The benchmark aims to test the network, so it is better to launch the benchmark with 1 MPI process per node. At the end of the execution, a hostfile.txt file and files prefixed with first_test are created.


Matplotlib GUI

$ vizhp2p -H hostfile.txt first_test

Plotly HTML

$ ./vizhp2p_html -H hostfile.txt -c "Unamed cluster" -o first_test.html first_test.bin



See the list of AUTHORS who participated in this project.


Laurent Nguyen - laurent.nguyen@cea.fr




Copyright 2010-2017 CEA/DAM/DIF

HP2P is distributed under the CeCILL-C. See the included files
Licence_CeCILL-C_V1-en.txt (English version) and
Licence_CeCILL-C_V1-fr.txt (French version) or visit
http://www.cecill.info for details.


The benchmark is similar to the FZ-Juelich linktest benchmark.