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RUG 2016

Robinhood User Group 2016 - September 19th, 2016 - Paris, France

About this event

The purpose of Robinhood User Group is to gather the robinhood community (user sites, contributors, involved storage vendors) to discuss specific usages and implementations, experiences, tunings, and future directions.

It will take place half a day before LAD on the Afternoon of September 19th, 2016, in Paris, France.


This event is collocated with LAD'16 at Marriott Renaissance Paris le Parc Trocadero Hotel, Paris, France.

Marriott Renaissance Paris le Parc Trocadero Hotel
55-57 Avenue Raymond Poincaré
75116 Paris, France



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Agenda / Slide decks

> Download all presentations (.tar.gz)

13h30 - Welcome coffee

14h00 - Welcoming and introduction (Henri Doreau)

14h10 - Project update (Thomas Leibovici, CEA)
Update on project's life, last releases and future plans.

14h50 - Experience with Robinhood 2.5.5 on Lustre with DNE (Carsten Beyer, DKRZ)
Setup and usage of Robinhood 2.5.5 with five server on Lustre 2.5 with DNE on two filesystems (5 and 7 MDS).

15h20 - Robinhood v3 new use case: integrity check (Dominique Martinet, CEA)
Example of using robinhood v3 to implement integrity checks + thoughts about changelogs for local filesystems.

15h50 - Break

16h20 - Add HSM to existing Lustre FS (Davide Tacchella, Cray)
Return of experience about a customer case.

16h40 - Focus: Lustre/HSM and Robinhood v3 (Henri Doreau, CEA)
Changes and new features in Robinhood v3 for Lustre/HSM.

17h00 - Using Robinhood v3 for Lustre/Cloud storage seamless integration (Stephane Thiell, Stanford Research Computing Center)
Large filesystem challenges (0.5B+ inodes), Lustre/HSM, Graphite/Grafana integration.

17h30 - Open discussions

18h00 - End of RUG

Last year's agenda and slide decks of RUG 2015 are available here.


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