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"""Example of DynamicSymbolicExecution engine use
This example highlights how coverage can be obtained on a binary
Expected target: 'simple_test.bin'
Global overview:
- Prepare a 'jitter' instance with the targeted function
- Attach a DSE instance
- Make the function argument symbolic, to track constraints on it
- Take a snapshot
- Initialize the argument candidate list with an arbitrary value, 0
- Main loop:
- Restore the snapshot (initial state, before running the function)
- Take an argument candidate and set it in the jitter
- Run the function
- Ask the DSE for new candidates, according to its strategy, ie. finding new
block / branch / path
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from miasm2.analysis.machine import Machine
from miasm2.jitter.csts import PAGE_READ, PAGE_WRITE
from miasm2.analysis.dse import DSEPathConstraint
from miasm2.expression.expression import ExprMem, ExprId, ExprInt, ExprAssign
# Argument handling
parser = ArgumentParser("DSE Example")
parser.add_argument("filename", help="Target x86 shellcode")
parser.add_argument("strategy", choices=["code-cov", "branch-cov", "path-cov"],
help="Strategy to use for solution creation")
args = parser.parse_args()
# Convert strategy to the correct value
strategy = {
"code-cov": DSEPathConstraint.PRODUCE_SOLUTION_CODE_COV,
"branch-cov": DSEPathConstraint.PRODUCE_SOLUTION_BRANCH_COV,
"path-cov": DSEPathConstraint.PRODUCE_SOLUTION_PATH_COV,
# Map the shellcode
run_addr = 0x40000
machine = Machine("x86_32")
jitter = machine.jitter("python")
with open(args.filename) as fdesc:
jitter.vm.add_memory_page(run_addr, PAGE_READ | PAGE_WRITE,,
# Expect a binary with one argument on the stack
# Argument
# Handle return
def code_sentinelle(jitter): = False
return False
ret_addr = 0x1337beef
jitter.add_breakpoint(ret_addr, code_sentinelle)
# Init the jitter
# Init a DSE instance with a given strategy
dse = DSEPathConstraint(machine, produce_solution=strategy)
# Concretize everything except the argument
regs = jitter.ir_arch.arch.regs
arg = ExprId("ARG", 32)
arg_addr = ExprMem(ExprInt(jitter.cpu.ESP + 4, regs.ESP.size), arg.size)
# @[ESP + 4] = ARG
arg_addr: arg
# Explore solutions
todo = set([ExprInt(0, arg.size)])
done = set()
snapshot = dse.take_snapshot()
# Only needed for the final output
reachs = set()
while todo:
# Get the next candidate
arg_value = todo.pop()
# Avoid using twice the same input
if arg_value in done:
print "Run with ARG = %s" % arg_value
# Restore state, while keeping already found solutions
dse.restore_snapshot(snapshot, keep_known_solutions=True)
# Reinit jitter (reset, etc.)
# Set the argument value in the jitter context
jitter.eval_expr(ExprAssign(arg_addr, arg_value))
# Launch
# Obtained solutions are in dse.new_solutions: identifier -> solution model
# The identifier depends on the strategy:
# - block address for code coverage
# - last edge for branch coverage
# - execution path for path coverage
for sol_ident, model in dse.new_solutions.iteritems():
print "Found a solution to reach: %s" % str(sol_ident)
# Get the argument to use as a Miasm Expr
sol_value = model.eval(dse.z3_trans.from_expr(arg)).as_long()
sol_expr = ExprInt(sol_value, arg.size)
# Display info and update storages
print "\tARG = %s" % sol_expr
print "Found %d input, to reach %d element of coverage" % (len(done),