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@serpilliere serpilliere released this Nov 12, 2018 · 759 commits to master since this release


  • Support for Windows added from @0vercl0k
  • Support for Appveyor
  • Symbolic execution memory management has been rewritten. As a result, the
    global performance of symbolic execution has improved
  • Support for some of Thumb2 instructions
  • Support for build on OpenBSD
  • Support for mips32b emulation
  • Support for XMMs registers / 128 bits operations for all jitter engine
  • New IR word: ExpLoc (representing a location in the code)
  • New symbol management: LocationDB (replacing symbol_pool)
  • Split IRCFG from IntermediateRepresntation
  • SSA transformation added from @mrphrazer
  • Support ELF relocations
  • Support for SSE (with qemu test)
  • Support for full Linux environment emulation + syscall
  • Support for explicit flags (eflags + size extend)
  • Support for (buggy) un-ssa
  • Improvement of floats handling
  • Added Toshiba MeP architecture added from @guedou
  • Add constant expressions propagation (ssa based)
  • Support for ARM SVC added from @aguinet
  • Introduce ExprMem.ptr
  • Add various expression simplifications
  • Add immediate postdominator computation from @GAJaloyan


  • TCC support is dropped


  • Trace api improved
  • Various fixes for the PPC architecture
  • Various fixes for the x86 architecture
  • Various fixes for ARM instructions
  • Various fixes in IDA plugins
  • Various code refactoring
  • No more default size in any Expr
  • ExprAff renamed to ExprAssign
  • Problems who might occurs when comparing for inequality (!=) in some of
    Miasm objects
  • Instruction parsing codes have been cleaned and simplified
  • Resource rebuilding for PE
  • Better BigEndian handling in Miasm
  • Gentoo compilation
  • Jitter memory page managment
  • Sanitization of floats representation
  • Fix build on 32 bit machines
  • Fix DSE read/write bug
  • Sandbox's option use-seh renamed to the more precise use-windows-structs
  • Clean simplifier cache on pass enabling
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