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A lightweight blog engine using GAE, Go, and Bootstrap
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Dinghy is a lightweight blogging interface written with the Go App Engine SDK and Bootstrap 3.

The design goals were a small codebase, a simple editor with markdown support, a clean blog layout driven by Go's text/template package, and a simple core engine with AJAX directives, making for easy third party API extensions.

A sample blog using this engine is available at

The name

I acknowledge that "Dinghy" has some comedic value to people who are smart alecks and not experienced seafarers (both are true of the author), however the name is indicative of the design goals. A dinghy is:

  • Reliable
  • intuitive - grab the oars and start rowing
  • Small - not over-engineered, or trying to be more than the simple tool it is
  • A boat, not a ship. - It's a tool meant to support the user, not equal him or her in importance

Stretching the analogy a little further, your writing is the ship. The important piece.


  • Flesh out admin interface to allow editing the blog details and display template. This should be completed in the next build.
  • Add installation instructions
  • Develop API system
  • Add support for Picasa and Flickr shortlinks
  • ???


Curtis Autery

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