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A Web Application for American Checkers
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An online Checkers game system built in Java 8 and Spark, a web micro-framework.


  • Jack Li
  • John Atwood
  • Carson Bloomingdale
  • Nazariy Tokarchuk
  • Aly Sosa


  • Java 8
  • Maven

How to run it

  1. Clone the repository and go to the root directory.
  2. Execute mvn compile exec:java
  3. Open in your browser http://localhost:4567/
  4. Start a game and begin playing.

How to test it

The Maven build script provides hooks for run unit tests and generate code coverage reports in HTML.

To run tests on all tiers together do this:

  1. Execute mvn clean test jacoco:report
  2. Open in your browser the file at PROJECT_HOME/target/site/jacoco/index.html

To run tests on a single tier do this:

  1. Execute mvn clean test-compile surefire:test@tier jacoco:report@tier where tier is one of ui, appl, model
  2. Open in your browser the file at PROJECT_HOME/target/site/jacoco/{ui, appl, model}/index.html

To run tests on all the tiers in isolation do this:

  1. Execute mvn exec:exec@tests-and-coverage
  2. To view the Model tier tests open in your browser the file at PROJECT_HOME/target/site/jacoco/model/index.html
  3. To view the Application tier tests open in your browser the file at PROJECT_HOME/target/site/jacoco/appl/index.html
  4. To view the UI tier tests open in your browser the file at PROJECT_HOME/target/site/jacoco/ui/index.html

How to generate the Design documentation PDF

  1. Execute mvn exec:exec@docs
  2. Note: this command will fail on a clean project without a /target directory. Create the directory first if running after a clean operation without any intervening commands that create the directory, such as compile.
  3. The generated PDF will be in PROJECT_HOME/target/ directory

How to create a zipfile distribution of the source for the project

  1. Execute mvn exec:exec@zip
  2. The distribution zipfile will be in PROJECT_HOME/target/


MIT License

See LICENSE for details.

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