A client side search engine for use on static pages.
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This is a client side search engine for use on static pages.

It uses a pre-compiled search index to add a fulltext search to static HTML pages such as github pages or offline API documentation. The index is built by a PHP script using a similar yet much more simplified and dump approach than the popular search engine Lucene.

To see how it looks like, check out the demo.


PHP 5.4 or higher is required to run the index generator.

Installation is recommended to be done via composer by adding the following to the require section in your composer.json:

"cebe/js-search": "~0.9"

Alternatively run composer require "cebe/js-search".



See example.html for an implementation.

Generate the index

Using the command line tool:

vendor/bin/jsindex <path-to-your-html-files>

This will generate a jssearch.index.js file that you have to include in the HTML header.