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= Hacking on Prawn
While we hope to have more extensive documentation for contributors in time, for
now, here is the bare minimum to get you up and running
Install gem dependencies from RubyGems
gem install bundler
bundle install
== Patch process
1. File a ticket in the bug tracker describing a defect or feature
2. Fork us on Github, make your changes. Bug fixes or tiny enhancements can
be done on your master branch, everything else should be done on its own topic
3. Post a comment to the ticket telling us where your fork is, and what
patches we should be looking at.
If you are working on a ticket that has already been created, skip step 1.
All feature enhancements should come with an example in the examples/ dir,
and preferably, some specs.
All bug reports should have a reproducible example in bugs/ and preferably,
some specs.
== Support
Find us in #prawn on
<sandal> - Gregory Brown
<yob> - James Healy
<bluejade> - Daniel Nelson
<bradediger> - Brad Ediger
<jonsgreen> - Jonathan Greenberg
Otherwise, use the mailing list: