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A Simple Budget Calculator

This is a budget calculator tool based on the 'Simple Budget Calculator' by Ethan Thompson on CodePen (

Demo video: (

Hosted on GitHub Pages (

Added features

  • Additional budget input fields (as of 3/2/19)
  • Description and definitions of terms (as of 3/2/19)
  • Differentiate between essential and discretionary expenses (as of 3/2/19)
  • Different results based on if overspending is essential or discretionary (as of 3/2/19)
  • Different results based on if savings rate of 20% is being met (as of 3/2/19)
  • Change from placeholder to labels on form for increased accesibility (as of 3/3/19)
  • User can insert preferred savings rate (as of 3/11/19)
  • Additional CSS styling (as of 3/30/19)

Future features

  • Links to applicable resources depending on results
  • Warning when budget category exceeds national average spending
  • Increased form functionality
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